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Toning, moisturising and cleaning your skin

There are many home remedies but only few can get you the results you are looking for. Always remember that in order to get a fair and healthy complexion, toning, moisturising and cleaning, is an important part that must be repeated everyday. You need to follow the following tips for lighter skin in this exact order and you will see a difference in skin color within some days.

* Use natural bleach and thus improve your complexion. Combine with lemon juice and honey, turmeric and cucumber juice. Only half to one teaspoon is enough for a single application. You can also use a mixture of lemon juice and honey for a good effect. Apply it in your face and after 15 minutes thoroughly wash it with cold water. The natural bleach is good for dry skin.
* You can apply a gram of flour and turmeric paste on your face and neck part. This paste can also be applied on your arms and legs too. It will dry up quick. Next scrub it out gently. Use it regullary in order to reduce the body hair growth and also lighten up your skin.
* Yogurt is a natural bleach that will make your skin very soft.
* Another thing to apply is almond oil and honey mixture which you can apply daily at night and wash it with cold water after few minutes. Do it on a regular basis and you will get an extra glow for your skin.
* Make a paste from lemon juice, sugar and sunflower oil. Apply it on your hands on regular basis. It will remove the tan color giving you a fairer complexion.
* Eating right food and including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal will give great results in a very less period of time. 10 glasses of water and fruits like apple, pears and peaches helps removing dark circle from your skin.

Products to try:

Gerovital anti-wrinkle cream from Gerovital Plant and the Aslavital Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Clay.


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