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Toning, moisturising and cleaning your skin

There are many home remedies but only few can get you the results you are looking for. Always remember that in order to get a fair and healthy complexion, toning, moisturising and cleaning, is an important part that must be repeated everyday. You need to follow the following tips for lighter skin in this exact order and you will see a difference in skin color within some days.

* Use natural bleach and thus improve your complexion. Combine with lemon juice and honey, turmeric and cucumber juice. Only half to one teaspoon is enough for a single application. You can also use a mixture of lemon juice and honey for a good effect. Apply it in your face and after 15 minutes thoroughly wash it with cold water. The natural bleach is good for dry skin.
* You can apply a gram of flour and turmeric paste on your face and neck part. This paste can also be applied on your arms and legs too. It will dry up quick. Next scrub it out gently. Use it regullary in order to reduce the body hair growth and also lighten up your skin.
* Yogurt is a natural bleach that will make your skin very soft.
* Another thing to apply is almond oil and honey mixture which you can apply daily at night and wash it with cold water after few minutes. Do it on a regular basis and you will get an extra glow for your skin.
* Make a paste from lemon juice, sugar and sunflower oil. Apply it on your hands on regular basis. It will remove the tan color giving you a fairer complexion.
* Eating right food and including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal will give great results in a very less period of time. 10 glasses of water and fruits like apple, pears and peaches helps removing dark circle from your skin.

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Women’s heart health

Women’s Heart Health: How bad is it?

If you compare the general facts and figures on heart problems in women and men, you will find that the images are quite different. Both are becoming more vulnerable as they get older, however, women will less likely get a heart attack. The health of a woman and of her heart strongly depends on her body shape. Studies show that a woman with a pear-shaped body will more likely have  heart problems.

Can healthy eating habits and hormone replacement therapy address and improve women’s heart health

It is hard to find ways prevent and cure possible health problems. Nowadays children like Maggie pasta for soup, pizza and all kinds of junk food. What could one expect from our elders? It is known that a Women’s health gets worse and she starts heaving heart problems at the same time when symptoms of menopause start to appear. It is better to consult a doctor for pain killers and other medicines.

One of the available solutions is using the hormone replacement therapy method in order to calm down. This is not relaxing. This is just a way to get the whole system under control. Most of the symptoms that are redundant will disappear as soon as hormone balance is achieved. Women’s heart health will also show significant improvement due to the fact that all other causing factors have been removed.

As you age you have to watch your diet and how much time you sleep and exercise. Do this in moderation. However it won’t hurt if you make a daily habit out of this. The daily routine you got planned shouldn’t be affected by bad weather, late nights and so on. Don’t let anything discourage you in wanting to become healthy and maintain your health.

General diet is also very important for women’s heart health. How good you follow a diet will most likely determine how healthy (or how sick) you stay. Your happiness will also be affected. Don’t eat food that have saturated fat. Use less oil or none at all. And always try to avoid fats (in any forms). One example of food not to eat is snacks that are available everywhere nowadays.

Women’s heart health, and you

You can stay in good health, no matter how old you are, if you are careful how much you do fitness and what is the quality of the food you eat. Rich diet should always go hand in hand with exercise. Make sure you are cautious and moderate everything you do and nothing will ever be a threat for you.

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Aging and causes

There are known cases of people in their 70’s who amaze everybody with their vigor and others, in their 40’s who age badly. How can premature aging be explained? How can we characterize this body damage and the factors that determine it?

Researchers determined there is a break in the metabolic balance  in the basic unit of life, a slowdown in the process of cell division and a decrease in cell capacity.

Every cell and tissue regenerates many times during our life, and this process is dependent on the production of active proteins. With aging the ability of a living organism to produce proteins decreases. Old age also brings an increased fat coefficient very damaging to the body.

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